Dear Carmelite Community, during Easter, the Easter Triduum is the fundamental event of our faith. We celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus, the Word of God, became flesh in the womb of Mary, broke time and space, and became the protagonist of the story, becoming one like us, and putting himself at the service of God and the people.

It is good to remember that, for Jesus, God was a Father: “Abba”, which means: “Dad”. God, for Jesus, was a good Father, in whom he took refuge and rested, as we sometimes do with our parents. But this Father was still God, who did not let him rest, demanded more and more in his mission. This intimate relationship of Jesus with his Father is manifested when Jesus climbs the mountain (Mk. 9, 2-9) with three of his disciples: Peter, James and John, and reveals himself as the “beloved Son of God, listen to him” . After this experience, Jesus came down with his disciples to continue his mission, becoming a visible sign of the Father to welcome, forgive and even love until the extreme.

This Easter we will experience it differently. We will not be together in the spaces of our educational center to celebrate, nor can we go to cathedrals or churches, but we are at home, because Jesus wants to remind us that the Faith is lived and transmitted in family, with simple but profound gestures such as washing our feet, sharing the bread, giving words of encouragement, this is how we are going to be out of this situation together. For this reason, the family becomes the privileged place to live the Faith.

In these difficult days that we have to live, this Holy Thursday, while we share dinner, let us thank God for all that He gives us: bread and life; let’s pray for those who do not have it or are struggling to achieve it among hunger, misery and fear. This Holy Friday, let’s unite our fear and our crosses to the cross of Jesus knowing that his death does not end there, but that it saves us from all the anguish that we are living, and soon it will make us shout, Hallelujah, he has risen!

On Saturday we will find the empty tomb, because Christ is in the hospitals, fighting to save lives, he is present in the police and military that are kept on the streets taking care of us so that this virus does not reach us, he is in the supermarkets multiplying bread to satisfy our hunger and in the field planting the seed so that our daily bread does not run out.

As Carmelites let’s announce this Saturday that the Tomb is empty because Christ is taking care of us, he is encouraging us not to be afraid, as he encouraged his disciples. Christ is behind a screen teaching, he is listening to his teachers, he is helping his children to learn.

There is the risen Christ! Let’s find it!.

Easter, my friends, is the passage from death to life, to the life that has overcome death, darkness, the darkness of fear and uncertainty. Cheer up Carmelites friends! The Tomb is empty because Christ lives among us.

Happy Easter Triduum!

Father Floristan Guerrero O. Carm.

Deputy Director of Formation