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The Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation where students from different schools represent the diplomats of the different member countries of the UN, training on topics inherent to its culture, interior and exterior politics, economy and society in order to debate and solve issues of real treatment in UN bodies and committees.

From 2014 our students participate actively in the different editions of the MUN and the results and acknowledgements obtained has been more than satisfactory achieving international acknowledgements that have allowed  our students to participate in the Harvard MUN for the second consecutive year (2016 – 2017).

The Britisch English Olympics (BEO) is an academic olympics organized by Oxford International Education Group, a private organization accredited by the British Council. BEO is a unique event that congregates bilingual schools of all the world to compete among them in a series of academic challenges based on English language. Its fundamental objective is to improve the knowledge and comprehension of english language through practical means of interaction, the same that encourages  leadership, team work  and management of time. The event take place during two weeks at some of the most pretigious schools of United Kingdom.

It is an international school encounter that is in the framework of the network of Andean Schools. In this encounter, there is a cultural educational experience in a common space where the students and teachers are the managers of the following encounters, with the aim to strengthen links that promote the real integration to the enlargement of Latin America.

The fundamental objective of the program is to incentivate the participation of our students in an ideal space for the exchange of ideas in front of  students of different international contexts.

Is is an encounter of young leaders of the last grades of schools. The fundamental objective of the encounter is to deeply think about the problems existing in the latin american towns and how through educational construction, we can find alternatives of solution.

Our students participate in presentations, debates and conferences, and the final conclussions and recommendations are presented to the General Secretary of the Andean Community.

The International Forum of Entrepeuners is a Educational Program of the Junior Achievement Foundation, developed since 1997 and that counts with a high world prestige. It is celebrated yearly en the city of Córdova (Argentina) and gathers more than 600 participants from America and from countries as Kuwait and Lebánon.

The objetive of the program is based on promoting the formation of values, attitudes and the creation of tools that allow to discover the capacities of action that have the participants.

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