Our institution develops its pedagogical proposal within the frame of the humanistic social critical theory, and answers to the characteristics and needs of our students that are center of the learning process.

At the beginning of the classes, we generate spaces of prayer, silence and listening in order to constantly renew as persons; we practice the fraternity in all the world for  meeting with  others and the development of  human sensibility. We inculcate the service for the development of making decissions, generating innovative ideas of help, leadership commited with the develepment and social responsibility.

We reconize that the student today should participate in the transformation of their environment as an agent of change with critical and democratical thinking, a promotor of a healthy coexistence as human beings with principles and values (institutionals) that will lead to develop commitments and responsabilities in the society.



As an educational institution we search to give the students, spaces in order to build their learnings starting from the experiences of life and proposals that are raised in classes. The environment that is created, allows the interrelation with their peers generating that they internalize the habits of coexistence, allowing to be present in the environment that is surrounded with an action or proposal that allows to contribute to the society guided by the principles that govern the institution within the frame of our faith.


Our school proposes new models in the educational action, varied methodologies in the processes of learning according to the context of the class and the needs of the group; generating more dynamics deepens in the learning of the students, consolidating their integral education in a nicer, significative and experential environment; in which the center of interest is the student, as well as the generated environment in the class, in the educational visits, in the trips of study, in the use of technology and digital tools, in the practice in the laboratory, sports and cultural workshops, and in the participation of the environment that surrounds them.

In order to achieve the development of  autonomy, social habilities and respect of the different rythms of learning of our students inside an environment of healthy school life, they find spaces of tutorial, counselling, school meditation, psicological and pastoral counselling.

We handle study tools in the cloud. We push the care of the ecological environment, we make productive practices of hydroponics, recycling, and entrepeunership. We develop the Junior Achievement Program and Idea Brillante (Brillant idea).


The carmelite student ends its school formation by being capable of interacting and communicating with a high level of accuracy in English, on different geographical contexts, with different purposes and varies lexical records.

They are well prepared to communicate in this second language according to the demands of  superior education and working levels.

Our students are evaluated through an agreement with Universidad del Pacífico.

That takes the Tests of Cambridge, international exams Starters, Movers and Flyers which are measured by shields obtained in the different habilities.

The KET; PET and FCE have indicated the scores, which give the level and are useful to enter the universities.