From November 2nd to November19th, the ADECORE Athletics Championship 2019 was held. This event had as stage the Regional Stadium of Callao “Miguel Grau” and the Stadium of Barranco “Luis Gálvez Chipoco”. They were marathon days that began at 11:30 a.m. and finished after 6:00 p.m.


It was a tournament full of emotions, where our athletic team showed how well prepared they were in the technical, physical and emotional areas.

It should be noted that the relays, both in the ladies and men categories, worked with a precision worthy of admiration, allowing them to win all the posts where the Carmelite teams participated.

The medallero balance of the school team was as follows:

27 GOLD Medals: They were: Enrique Carrillo, Nicholas Bryson, Luana Gazolo, Alberto Martin, Akemi Kanashiro, Pierina Asencios, Dafne Venturo, Ignacio Castellano, Sebastián Valdivia, André Colichon, Mariana Castro, Mateo Bringas, Luciana Agüero, Rafaela Mas, Alessia Bamonde, Tamara Pereira and Rafaella Castillo.

9 SILVER Medals: They were: Luciana Agüero, Aaron Wu, Enrique Carrillo, Úrsula Castillejo, Luana Gazolo, Akemi Kanashiro, Andrea Cáceres and Lía García.

9 BRONZE Medals: They were: Joaquín Carpio, Isabella Vesco, Ignacio Castellano, Úrsula Castillejo, Rafaela Mas, Sebastián Valdivia and Lindsay Cole.

Así mismo, obtuvieron importantes logros como equipo; siendo el equipo campeón la categoría Menores A Damas quienes ocuparon el Primer Lugar. Los varones de la categoría Menores A se llevaron el sub campeonato y, en la categoría Menores B, lograron el trofeo del Tercer Puesto.

We congratulate all the athletes who participated, and although there were a few who did not get medals, they contributed points to the team for entering all the finals, where their contribution helped to obtain the trophies.

We cannot fail to congratulate the great work of the technicians, accompanying and giving the technical and emotional support throughout the competitions.

Congratulations José Luis Page, Santiago Lozada and Ana Bances.

Congratulations Carmelitas and continue the successes!