The ceremony of the Carmelite Laurels is one of the most special dates for our school because it recognizes the personal charisma of our students who have stood out for leading a life given to others.

These Laurels are symbolized by the Carmelites Crown, Mountain, Sword and Star.

The winners with the Laurel Corona have stood out for their vocation of service, their authenticity and sensitivity to the needs of their brothers.

The students recognized by the Laurel Mountain are persevering, brave, hardworking and daily service capacity.

The Laurel Sword is delivered to students who have stood out for their justice and always seek the best for everyone. They are always seeking to do the will of Lord.

Joy is what characterizes the students who receive the Laurel Star. They are people who spread their joy to others because of the trust they have in God.

The ceremony thanked and recognized the companions who supported the pastoral work in the school, dedicating their time and prayers in favor of their brothers and for the work of God.

One of the most exciting moments was to recognize our partners who have completed years of service in our institution. Inés Lazo Olivera is our librarian, who has dedicated all these years in organizing and having an orderly library. And María Eva Cortés Neira, our physical education teacher champion.

In this night, it was not possible to forgive the recognition to Professor Carlos Medina Vera, who, this year, reached the international prize of “The Best Teacher” in the JA Latin America.

Nuestra querida Miss Norma Soberón Calero, directora del colegio, recibió palabras de agradecimiento por sus 40 años de servicio a nuestra institución. Una sentida semblanza, a cargo de Miss Rosa Ana Dongo, nos dio a conocer la historia de su paso por las aulas hasta llegar a ser nuestra directora. Felicitaciones Miss Norma, y muchas gracias por su vocación de servicio a sus estudiantes y compañeros de labores.

Our dear Miss Norma Soberón Calero, principal of the school, received words of thanks for 40 years of service at our institution. A heartfelt semblance, by Miss Rosa Ana Dongo, made us know the story of her passing through the classrooms until she became our principal. Congratulations Miss Norma, and thank you very much for your vocation of service to the students and co-workers.

The laureates of the LIV Promotion said goodbye to the school with a deserved recognition for a life living the Carmelite values of Prayer, Fraternity and Service.