This year we performed a great ceremony of recognition of our Carmelite students who stood out in art and sports.

The prayer was in charge of our president, F. Miguel Bacigalupo O. Carm., all attendees thanked God and the Virgin Carmen for a year of success and learning.

Our artists showed themselves by performing dances and music with great skill.

With the leadership of the Professor Carlos Garcés, and the presence of the coaches from the different disciplines and authorities of the school, we rewarded our athletes who stood out in athletics, basketball and other sports.

The dance team received the gratitude of the whole Carmelite family. We congratulated their teachers for accompanying them at all times.

As it is already part of our tradition, the winning team of the steps in the Olympics presented their routine with expertise, earning, in addition, the applause of the relatives present. The yellow team showed why it is the five times champion.


This year our outstanding athlete was Alberto Martin Brazzini, who received a trophy from F. Miguel Bacigalupo, O. Carm. This award is given to the athlete who, over the years, has maintained his sports leadership.

Congratulations to our students for their perseverance and winning attitude, and to the team of coaches for their effort to get the best out of our athletes.