It was the year 2000 and, to be exact, March 1st. That day fell on Wednesday and it was the first day that our colleague and today, friend Miguel Sierra Rivera, would find the job that would accompany him from Monday to Friday, for 20 years.

Miguel came as a teacher in one of the main courses of the school, as an English teacher. His studies at ICPNA and at the University of San Marcos made him, without a doubt, one of the best teachers in the school.

We will always remember his singular phrase: “May the force be with you”, when starting an activity or when we said goodbye after a meeting, which drew us a smile, brightening the moment.

One of the activities in which he left his heart, was in the Olympics. His BLUE color will accompany him forever and at all times, both on the court and when you judge, regardless of the rivalry. That is a great example of true respect and love.

He received many new students, but he also saw entire classes leave, whom he trained with discipline, but also with a lot of love, without forgetting any detail.

His students and friends will not forget his black backpack on his back when leaving school.

The handshake and the long embrace of those who feel the gratitude and satisfaction of the duty accomplished are pending.

Sincerely, your forever friends

“May the good wind of life continue to give you wonderful moments …”

Miss Kollen Herrera Prado

Activities Coordinator