At Carmelitas we are focused on taking the education of our students to an ever higher level. This 2023 our students, from 3rd grade of Primary to 5th grade of Secondary, will use Chromebooks as part of their learning tools.As part of the development of this institutional project we have received talks and training from specialists. The deputy principal of Secondary, Mg. Óscar Talla Urrutia, began the presentation of the project by sharing his experience in Colombia, where he attended the XXIII Virtual Educa Medellín 2022 International Meeting. Our teachers received training in the use of Chromebooks and the advantages of the Google platform for the education of our students. What they discovered left them amazed and motivated. This project, which began last year, has been cemented with the leadership of our authorities, who have a clear objective of turning our educational institution into a Google Reference School. We are sure that the benefit that each of our students will receive will be reflected from the beginning of their classes, and will be a fundamental part of their way of learning from now until their future as professionals and citizens.