On August 19th, 20th and 21st, the Internal CARMUN was held, under the virtual modality. Our delegates had the opportunity to demonstrate in the different committees, all the knowledge acquired in the training sessions.
We have the participation of the CARMUN Secretariat and former students who served as directors of the Committees.
The performance of the participants in this event has shown the great preparation that our delegation has.

1. Best Deleagte: Santiago Lindo.
2. Outstanding Delegate: Viveka Alva.
3. Honorable Mention : Maya Caceres.

Best delegate: Dania Guerrero.
Outstanding delegate: Briseida Briseño.
Honorable mention: – Valentina Cuba.
– Andrea Morales.

1. Best Delegate: – Maria Gracia Miró Quesada Rodríguez.
2. Outstanding Delegate: – Nicole Rodriguez.
3. Honorable Mention : Francesca Raffo.

Best Delegate: Bruno Chunga.
Honorable Mention : Luis Alejandro Aguirre.

We are so proud of each of them!