On Wednesday, December 7th, the students of the promotion of 6th grade paid tribute to the great writer Julio Ramón Ribeyro for commemorating 28 years since his departure.


This activity, Ribeyro’s short stories, was pleasantly attended by Mr. Juan Ramón Ribeyro Ipenza, Ribeyro’s nephew, and Pedro Arriola Ruiz, director of the Ribeyro reading club.

This event was developed with an emotional display of talent, affection and admiration towards our writer from Miraflores where the children, through the Communication course taught by the teachers Lesley Regalado Díaz and Manuela Vásquez Ramírez and the support of the Art area, gave life to four stories from the play La palabra del mudo: The skin of an Indian is not expensive, Butterflies and bugles, Alienation and The vultures without feathers.

Likewise, there was a monologue by a little Ribeyro and the impressions of a student after reading the stories.

In the activity, dance was present, which with grace and elegance took us to the time when the stories were developed, by Professor Rocío Salazar; as well as the drawing, where the students, in charge of the teacher Maribel Chabaneix, delivered a portrait of the author.

Finally, we want to congratulate the students of the 6th grade class and their parents for their enthusiasm, responsibility, and support; without them this activity would not have been possible. Congratulations!