This year the celebrations for Teacher’s Day were full of surprises and pleasant moments, all thanks to the affection of our students, mothers and fathers, and fellow Carmelites.

The misses and teachers of the Initial level received some nice presents that their children sent them by delivery, and thanked them for their dedication in each class with a beautiful video.

Our students at the Primary level congratulated their teachers in class, and participated in the edition of a video where they recognized and thanked the love and teachings they receive from them.

The family of Secondary teachers enjoyed the appreciation of their students in the classes, and in the afternoon they shared a very beautiful celebration where they received the greetings of students, alumni, parents and fellow Carmelites. Everything was very funny, they played games, karaoke competitions and danced as in the face-to-face times.

Thank you dear Carmelite teachers, there are not enough words to thank you for all that you do daily for your students and our school.

Receive a big hug and the blessing of God and of Our Blessed Mother.