The arts, from our “doing”, allow us to see and experiment with our resources and travel to the imagination to, from there, receive, honor and process our joys, surprises, fears, anger and those sensations and losses that we have lived. It is there that each of our artists can express their world and experiences that will link them in a kinder way to the incomprehensible, to our emotions; thus experiencing a personal, unique and very authentic artistic process typical of their age and their current experience.
With much enthusiasm and affection, each one of our artists presents part of their images in color and shapes, from Primary to Secondary, so that you can join us in this exhibition.
Thank you for the close company, the art, the shapes, the colors, the game, for the technique, thank you for the skills and thank you for opening up to our community from the inside out and from the outside in.
Congratulations artists of the Extracurricular Activities Painting Workshop!
We invite you to watch some representative videos of the works presented by our Carmelite artists.
Thank you!