On Saturday, November 7th, a mass was held for the Carmelite alumni, it was a night where we shared the word of God in fraternity, in a ceremony celebrated by Father Miguel Bacigalupo, president of our school, and Father Raúl Maraví, who was president of the school and counselor of the Carmelite Order.

This sharing took place virtually and a very significant number of alumni from different classes participated. Without a doubt, a day to remember.

One of the most heartfelt moments was when the representatives of Promotion V, who were completing 50 years of graduates and the representative of the alumni of Promotion XXX, who are already celebrating 25 years of having finished their studies in our house of studies, shared anecdotes of his unforgettable school days.

We deeply thank to those who participated in this mass for the alumni because they gave us the joy of sharing, as Catholics, a moment of reflection and prayer.