We are aware that our students are a generation that lives and is mediated by the presence of technologies and the internet and live their culture through it, we have the challenge of incorporating a wide and critical view of what it means to be digital citizens of the 21st century. This, because the public space is not only the territory in which we live, but it’s also the digital spaces in which we develop daily.

The project “We leave our fingerprint with responsibility” offers our students different tools and resources that allow them to learn about online safety from home, in order to facilitate the incorporation and practice of good digital habits in everyday life.

Since October, different issues of digital citizenship have been addressed, creating awareness about the duties and rights in virtual media, as well as the responsibility that our students must have in their use.

Being the home the basis of children’s learning and formative development, we want to invite parents to support us in this task of teaching their children to leave a responsible fingerprint.

Miss Rosa Ana Dongo Oneto                                                                                                                                              Elementary Deputy Director