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During the primary school stage, our students are inmersed on a series of educational situations that promote the development of abilities that relate to our pedagogical model that are team work, the research, leadership, critical thinking, english language proficiency, management of technological resources and development of social abilities.

We detail here some of the actions that activate this proposal and convert them in to oportunities of expertiental, meaningful and formative learning:

The investigation projets
They are based on the critical humanist approach that caracterizes our institution and in the concept of the role that the student must adopt in his learning.

The fundamental objetives are to develop the image of the child as actor of  each of the experiences of learning, encouraging his capacity of investigation by finding meaing in what is learned, making questions and searching for answers.

Program “Hermano Mayor” (“Oldest brother”);
This program is used to teach the responsibility in the Fifth Grade students  who are taking care of a  First Grade, and become brothers, having the mission to accompany and guide the younger children of the level; in this way, the children of First Grade feel accompanied by an older student.

The Mediator Brigade:
The mediator brigade is conformed by teams of students of fifth grade trained to accomplish functions of mediation between two students that have a conflict in the playground, during the hours of recreation or classes and that they haven’t achieved a satisfactory solution by their own means.

The mediator students are prepared by the area of Coexistence of the level, in the development of techniques of active listening, of reformulations of what was heard and the extration and clarification of information.

The Ecological Brigade:
It is conformed by students of Fourth and Fifth Grade whose mission is to promote the importance of recycling in the school and familiar spaces incentivating with this environmetal awareness

International English Evaluations with the Cambridge University:
The students of Fourth and Fifth Grade of primary school participate all the years in the International Evaluations of the Cambridge University, in the levels of “Movers” and “Flyers” respectively.

The aim is to raise the  level on such evaluations, done by  the Pacifico University. Our students, year after year, obtain better results.

Robotic Club:
It is done after the school hours with the students that show  special interest in this computerized technique program. In this space,  children learn language programming and design their own robots with an objective of social utility.

Wednesdays of Reading
It is  an space generated during  Wednesday’s mornings, in which all the level is dedicated to the recreational and selective reading, promoting the habit of reading and the enjoyment of the written language.

Sharing Day
It is an space in which children of primary school have the opportunity to demostrate the advances in learning reached during the school year, especially in the areas of english, mathematics and investigation projects.

The students participate in colorful and funny staging using english language in a fluent way. They also show the learnings reached in the various investigation lines of projects, following the scientific method, arriving to significant conclussions and learning about topics of their interest. Also show their advances in mathematics through different plays and strategies of the area. The robotic club participates showing their progresses, explaining their tecnological tools and programming language to start their robots.

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