At Carmelitas we signed an agreement with the UNESCO Center for Peace, which means new and valuable opportunities for our educational community.

  1. This agreement will allow our students to carry out activities aimed at comprehensive training and academic improvement through the development of innovative topics that seek interaction within the framework of the Model United Nations (MUN) and the STEAM Program.
  2. IMUN – STEAM Summer Camp, where more than 100 young people from different parts of the world will be integrated who will develop 2 academic programs: IMUN (International Model of the United Nations) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), which go together to the transversal Program UCP Local Project. Young people who participate in this Summer Camp will have at their disposal tutorials, materials, workshops, conferences, lodging at Hood College with access to its facilities, as well as full meals. Likewise, they will live the experience of knowing Washington D.C. and other places of historical and tourist importance.
  3. Outstanding students in IMUN and STEAM will have the option of accessing study scholarships.
  4. The agreement will facilitate the admission processes to universities in the United States for the students of our school.

The signing of the agreement was represented by the Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace, Guy Pauclair Djoken, the principal of our educational center, Miss Norma Soberón Calero, and the president of our institution, Fr. Miguel Bacigalupo O. Carm.