July 16 is a very significant date for the Carmelite family because we celebrate with joy the Feast of our Mother the Virgin of Carmen.

On a day like today, our Mother appeared to Saint Simon Stock, the superior of the Order of the Carmelites then, and gave him the scapular that we carry with joy and deep respect in our chest. On that day, as historians say, our beloved Mother Mary told him: “Hoc erit tibi et cunctis Carmelitis privileium, in hoc habitu moriens salvabitur”, which translated means “this will be the privilege for you and for all Carmelites, that everyone who dies with this habit will be saved”, although it is true that she was referring to part of the friars’ wardrobe, later it was also used by the faithful followers of the Virgen of Carmen as protection and devotion.

Mary is Mother of God and our Mother, she is the maximum example of love, dedication and obedience, what greater honor can we have than being her children and be loved by her, Mother of all love, because God is love.

Happy Carmelite Day.