The emotion accompanied at all times the assistants to the Graduation Ceremony of the LVII Promotion, after 13 years of studies, our students finished their school stage satisfied with what they had learned, the friends obtained and hundreds of experiences that will acompany them throughout his life. The diploma they proudly received reflected the joy that all their academic effort had the reward of being Carmelite graduates prepared to succeed in life.At the time of changing the tassel of the mortarboard, everyone knew that a door was opening to a future that would bring them great surprises and new learning, where they would go safely because their educational training and values ​​prepared them as brave and responsible human beings.    Each one of the LVII Promotion is a clear reflection of what it means to be a Carmelite and that individually they are ready to stand out in everything they set out to do.  Congratulations Class LVII, we are proud of you and grateful to your families who entrusted us with your training.    ¡Carmelitas for ever!